Interview Tips: What to Wear

For interviews, no matter how the attorneys are dressed or portrayed on the website, make sure you are in a clean, fully pressed suit.  The suit should be conservative in nature — solids or very small pinstripes at most – and fit well. Check your hems to make sure none are falling out, and tug the buttons to make sure they are secure, so you can tighten any before you leave the house.  Make sure your shoes are shined, and that you have proper socks or hosiery.  Even if not required in the courtrooms, pantyhouse are a must for interviews.

Keep your jewelry simple, nothing too flashy, and keep the makeup to a minimum.  Make sure all tattoos are covered up, and use odorless moisturizer, deodorant, and aftershave, so you don’t trigger allergies or just even overwhelm a small room.  I heard a story of an aftershave that overwhelmed an interviewer to sneezes and tears.  Try not to be the “what not to do” interviewee.