Interview Tips: Know Thyself & Thy Resume

When you walk into an interview, you must know your resume cold and be prepared to answer questions about any item on it. Be prepared to talk in depth on legal issues you researched in previous positions. Evaluate your resume for weaknesses and gaps. Be prepared to deal with these issues. Avoid lengthy conversations about any weaknesses or negative job experiences. Put a positive spin on everything in your past and never badmouth a previous employer. Be ready for questions like “Why didn’t you get an offer from the firm you worked for last summer?” or “Why didn’t you work last summer?” If your grades are not the best, be prepared to deal with this issue in the interview. Acknowledge the issue but try to put a positive spin on the situation. For example, if this is the case, you could say, “My grades aren’t as high as I expected given my high achievement in college but my GPA has gone up each semester.”

If you want to talk about how to address gaps or other questions that your resume might elicit, set an appointment up with Alisa Rosales (Alisa.Rosales [at] in UW Career Connections.