Interview Tips: Personal Marketing Plans

When you walk into any interview, you should have 3 points you want to highlight, creating your own Personal Marketing Plan. Tailor the list based on the employer and the length of the  interview. As you prepare for interview questions, consider how you can weave these points into your answer.  Even if you end up with a question that you need to consider for a moment, you can tick through those 3 points mentally before answering. Some possible points you might use in developing your Personal Marketing Plan:

  • That you are an excellent writer (give specifics, i.e. your high grade in legal writing, the writing award you won, the winning brief you authored last summer, the article you wrote that was published)
  • A foreign language skill (if relevant to the employer)
  • The marathon you ran last year –(which demonstrates drive and discipline) or some other similar
  • Your ability to work with little supervision (give a specific example from past work experience)
  • The fact that you are committed to living in that city (family ties, community service, previous work experiences in that city, etc.)
  • Your past work experience or past career (again, provide examples directly related to the practice of law)
  • Your commitment to the work or mission of the employer (particularly for any public interest position)

If you want help developing your Personal Marketing Plan, set up an appointment with Alisa Rosales (Alisa.Rosales [at] in UW Career Connections.