Etiquette Tip of the Week: Picture Fruitful Client Relationships

We can learn a great deal from a portrait artist about how to treat clients.  Earlier this year, at the American Portrait Society’s Annual Convention in Washington D.C., where some of the top portrait painters in the country do demos and explain how to be a better portrait artist, artist Judith Carducci told this story:  She was painting a commissioned portrait of an elderly woman. Judith showed the woman the painting after she had finished and the woman found a few things she wanted changed — which is common. Judith made the changes and thought she had a finished portrait, but the woman kept finding more faults and asking for additional changes.  Even the woman’s own family said, “Mom, it looks just like you. What’s the problem?”  Judith finally figured it out: the woman did not want the process to end.  When you paint someone’s portrait, you spend a lot of time talking and you develop a relationship.  So Judith said to her, “You know, we can still be friends and visit after this, go out for lunch once in awhile.”  After that, the picture was perfect.  What Judith Carducci was saying applies to all businesses — people crave connection, so be attentive to your clients.  The result is not only fruitful business but also great friendships.

Thank you to our friends at The Culture & Manners Institute for sharing this weekly tip!