2L Government Honors & Internship Deadlines

The following government programs have 2L deadlines coming up in the next few weeks.  Details of these programs are provided in the 2014-2015 Government Honors & Internship Handbook (login/password located in the UW Career Connections Quick Links). PLEASE NOTE: Programs with “Rolling Deadlines” review applications and fill positions on an ongoing basis, so apply early for these programs.

Summer 2015 Internships

  • City of Philadelphia – District Attorney’s Office Summer Legal Internships (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 09/20/14)
  • Colorado Public Defender – Summer Legal Internship Program (Paid & Unpaid, Deadline 09/26/14)
  • Boise, ID Office of the City Attorney – Legal Intern-Extern Program (Paid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Environmental Protection Agency – R7 Summer Legal Intern Program (Paid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Federal Reserve Board – Summer Law Clerk Program (Paid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Health & Human Services – Office of Counsel to the Inspector General Legal Clerkship & Externship Programs (Unpaid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Homeland Security – Office of General Counsel Law Student Summer Volunteer Program (Unpaid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Alabama Office of the Attorney General – Summer Law Clerk Program (Unpaid, Deadline 10/01/13)
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Summer Pathways Internship Program (Paid, Deadline Early Oct.)

Spring 2015 Internships

  • Environmental Protection Agency – R10 Externship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 09/15/14)
  • Office of the District Attorney Denver, CO – Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Maricopa County Attorney – Law Clerk Program (Unpaid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Administrative Conference of the United States – Legal Internships (Unpaid, Deadline 10/01/14)
  • Smithsonian Institution – Office of General Counsel Legal Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 10/01/14)
  • Department of Transportation – Office of Chief Counsel Maritime Administration Internship/Externship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 10/01/4)
  • Executive Office of the President – Council on Environmental Quality Legal Clerkship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 10/03/14)
  • Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office – Volunteer Law Internship Program (Unpaid, Deadline 10/03/14)