3L Government Honors & Internship Deadlines

The following government programs have 3L deadlines coming up in the next few weeks.  Details of these programs are provided in the 2014-2015 Government Honors & Internship Handbook (login/password located in the UW Career Connections Homepage under Subscriptions).

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – 2015 Legal Division Honors Program (Paid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Atomic Safety & Licensing Board Panel Judicial Law Clerk Program (Paid, Deadline 09/30/14)
  • Congressional Research – American Law Division CRS Law Recruit Program (Paid, Deadline 10/01/14 Expression of interest email)
  • New York County District Attorney’s Office – Assistant District Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 10/01/14)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Office of General Counsel Honor Law Graduate Program (Paid, Deadline 10/01/14)
  • Oregon Department of Justice – Honors Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 10/07/14)
  • California Department of Justice – 2016-18 California Attorney General’s Honors Program & 2015-16 Earl Warren Solicitor General Fellowship (Paid, Deadline 10/08/14)
  • Department of Energy – Office of General Counsel Honors Attorney Program (Paid, Deadline 10/10/14)
  • Department of Labor – Office of the Solicitor Honors Program (Paid, Deadline 10/10/14)
  • Army Corps of Engineers – Chief Counsel’s Civilian Honors Program (Paid, Deadline 10/15/14)
  • Copyright Office – Barbara A. Ringer Copyright Honors Program (Paid, Deadline 10/15/14)
  • National Labor Relations Board – Board, General Counsel HQ & Regional Offices Honors Attorney Programs (Paid, Deadline 10/15/14)
  • Office of Personnel Management – Presidential Management Fellows Program (Paid, Deadline 10/15/14)

 Spring 2015 Internships – More information in the Appendices in the Handbook