Lawcountability, J.D.: Mastering Mentoring

This week’s Lawcountability, J.D. video addresses Mastering Mentoring, which addresses how to provide value to your mentor, but how much you can gain from learning about the people you admire by studying their bios.  I can hear you say, but Alisa, the lawyers I admire don’t have big fancy firm bios, so how do I learn about these attorneys?  Here’s my ideas:

  • LinkedIn profiles.  Many attorneys do have some type of personal profile, but also, sometimes, their employer has a Company page too.  Savvy employers will plug their news through their Company pages, and you can follow these. You can also sometimes see any Groups they belong to, which can help you find places where topics of common interest are discussed (and jobs sometimes posted as well)!
  • Periodical searches. Using your Westaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg accounts. We’re fortunate to have so many local papers in the Rockies, and many times local attorneys are written up and quoted regarding their cases and clients.  HeinOnline is another free resource through the Hopper Library that provides access to much of this information.
  • Informational Interviewing (or Career Coffee Chats, as I like to call them).  This is where you reach out to attorneys (or anyone else), ask them for coffee to learn about their careers and seek advice about your own career path. Then keep in touch using your Google Alerts to keep the conversation and relationship alive.