Out of the Classroom, Into the Profession

This week’s Lawcountability, J.D.‘s topic addresses the idea of Getting Out of the Classroom, Into the Profession.  Ari Kaplan talks about how to look for individuals that might inspire you, reminding you that those connections can provide touchstones to inspire you throughout your career.  Use the LinkedIn Alumni page to find possible targets (don’t worry, Alisa will offer programming next month that will enable you to join the LinkedIn Alumni group).  Wondering where you can publish this profile? We can publish it to the website, the blog, and even the LinkedIn Alumni group.  You can pitch it to the Wyoming Lawyer.  Who do you want to connect with today?  It took me about 18 minutes to watch the video, and complete all three tasks this week.  I’ve sent off requests for my upcoming Denver, Washington, D.C., and Birmingham visits.