An Easy & Effective Way to Overcome Social Discomfort

In this week’s Lawcountability, J.D. video, Ari Kaplan talks about the importance of practicing and putting yourself out there to know how to handle and overcome social discomfort.  We’ve all had that moment where someone pulls us into a conversation or calls us out, and we’re simply not ready.  The video provides some tips that will help you build your network, and here’s some of my suggestions too:

  • Toastmasters -an organization dedicated to helping its participants become more effective and persuasive leader through practicing public speaking. Here in Laramie we have one group, but if you are commuting from Cheyenne, there’s lots of options!  Toastmasters even has its own podcast series for inspiration on the go!
  • Own your nervousness. Practice your elevator pitch with your friends – with full eye contact. And the handshake at the beginning.
  • Be a good colleague.  Know a friend that hates going to events? Offer to go along with that nervous friend.
  • Expand the network.  When you make contacts with someone, at the end of the conversation don’t be afraid to say (something along the lines of) “Oh, my friend Anna is really interested in practicing in this area too. Would it be okay if I connected the two of you?”