Law School Client Counseling Team Earns Second Place at Regional Competition

The University of Wyoming College of Law sent two student teams to compete at the Regional Client Counseling Competition on February 7-8 in Eugene, Oregon. The two teams were comprised of second-year students Jasmine Fathalla and Jeff Van Fleet as one team and third-year students Julian Bendinelli and Tyler Renner as the second team.

The teams were selected to represent UW on a regional scale after finishing at the top of the Richard E. Day Client Counseling Competition, the intra-school competition which consisted of five rounds before panels of attorneys and counselors.

The regional competition, sponsored by the American Bar Association, included teams from Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. The 2L team of Fathalla and Van Fleet advanced to the finals and finished second, narrowly missing an opportunity to compete at the national competition.  This is the second consecutive year that the team of Fathalla and Van Fleet earned second place at the regional level. Both UW teams gave exceptional performances and provided critical support for each other. The teams were coached by Professors Steve Easton and Jerry Parkinson.

Hearty congratulations to both teams, with special commendations to Jasmine and Jeff for a superb showing!

Pictured left to right:  Jeff Van Fleet, Jasmine Fathalla, Julian Bendinelli, and Tyler Renner.

Richard Day Client Counseling 2015