2015 Summer & Fall Externship Updates

There have been a couple important changes to the application process for summer externships.  The first change is that the deadline to submit summer applications has been moved up to March 12th, 2015.  The move is to help benefit both students and employers by having the externship positions secured as early as possible in the semester.  If you are creating your own externship for the summer, the deadline change will not affect your application process. 

The second change to the application process is that you will need to submit your resume and student application through UW Career Connections (Symplicity CSM) under the OCI tab.  If you have already submitted an application, Tim will upload your materials in to the system for you.  Submissions to UW Career Connections (Symplicity CSM) are now open for both summer and fall sessions so please make sure that you are submitting for the correct one.  If you have any questions or encounter any problems submitting your application, please contact Tim Crawford.

REMINDER: Because all applications are completed through the OCI tab in UW Career Connections, you must complete the OCPD requirements of entering your conflicts for the entire semester AND having an approved resume before you can be granted access to the OCI tab. If you have not had your resume approved by OCPD, you should email that document to OCPD Director Alisa Rosales (Alisa.Rosales@uwyo.edu) so you can meet the application deadline.