EENR Clinic Visits Legislature

On February 26th, the Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law Clinic had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Wyoming state legislature. In order to better understand the legislative process, the clinics students, guided by Cindy Delancey, Representative Kinner, and Senator Hastert toured the temporary home of the legislature and spoke with Gov. Matt Mead and several representatives, senators, and lobbyists.

Kara Jennen, a 3L student in the EENR Clinic who serves as the Student Director was one of the eight students that visited the Capital.

“Opportunities like this make me really appreciate Wyoming,” says Jennen. “Even in the midst of trying to wrap up the busy legislative session everyone seemed eager to talk to us, and I think going to the legislature adds value to our legal education by gaining a fuller understanding and appreciation of the law making process.”

University of Wyoming College of Law students uniquely benefit from the close relationship with lawmakers in the state, and are able to gain a real understanding of current issues as they apply their legal educations. 2016 legislative session

The Wyoming Legislature began its 20 day budget session for 2016 on February 8th, and wrapped up March 4th. Many important topics were discussed including the impending budget cuts for across the state as a result of the current lull in the energy industry.