Student Highlight: Halinka Zolcik

Asylum Case VictoryDSC_2680_

Today, student attorney Halinka Zolcik and supervising attorney and professor Suzan Pritchett of the International Human Rights Clinic argued before Judge McGrail in Denver immigration court on behalf of their detained client from Eritrea.  Though Halinka and Prof. Pritchett faced stiff opposition from the government attorney, the court awarded their client asylum in the light of overwhelming evidence and solid lawyering.  This is a huge milestone not only for the Clinic and the College of Law, but for Halinka as well.  Halinka: “My client will no longer wonder if he has somewhere to live safely. Today, my client will for the first time knows he can stay somewhere permanently without fearing torture. I am not happy because I won, I am happy because I helped save my client’s life.  I will never forget today and am so humbled by all the great help I have had to prepare me for this case.”