Faculty Highlight: Melissa Alexander

Associate Professor Melissa Ballengee Alexander recently spoke at the 40th Annual DSC_2240Health Law Professors Conference which took place June 8-10 in Atlanta, Georgia. Alexander presented her current work entitled, Autonomy and Accountability: Why Informed Consent, Consumer Protection, and Defunding May Beat Conversion Therapy Bans.  Professor Alexander’s article on the same subject will be published later this summer in volume 55 of the University of Louisville Law Review.

The annual Health Law Professors Conference is hosted by the American Society of Law Medicine & Ethics (ASLME) and is intended to serve as a forum for professionals who teach law and bioethics in higher education institutions to share strategies and ideas, as well as provide participants with updates on issues at the forefront of the law and medicine.

Professor Alexander join the law faculty at the University of Wyoming in 2015. Her areas of interest include bioethics and global health and human rights. In addition to those courses, she also teaches Intellectual Property, Civil Procedure II and Pre-Trial Litigation.